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  • RIGHT NOW IN 2023

    What am I doing right NOW?

    Currently Shooting

    The Girls on The Bus

    Melissa Benoist - Scott Foley - Carla Gugino, Griffin Dunne, Mark Consuelos,

    I'm currently in production as a recurring cast member on the new HBO series The Girls on the Bus. Melissa Benoist helms a show chronicling four female journalists on the campaign trail. A party bus of flawed presidential candidates, friendship, love, and a scandal that could take down not just the presidency but democracy itself.


    I think this show is really important. Proud and grateful to be a part of it and can't wait for you to see it. Air date not yet announced

    The Lost Treasure of JJ Abrams

    In Festivals Now!

    I wrote and shot this film earlier this year in Hawaii. I'm also in it. It's a mockumentary currently touring the festival circuit, and I'm pretty darn proud of it. Check out the trailer!


    The Lost Treasure Of JJ Abrams
    Starring Max Darwin and Adrienne Wilson.

    Directed by Alex Farnham.

    Now on Paramount Plus!

    Blue's Big City Adventure

    A MAN, A DOG, A DREAM...

    Blue's Clues fans rejoice! Blue has got a great big new movie and asked me to be in it! Blue's Big City Adventure You and your kids can find it on Paramount Plus

    April 2022


    Now airing on CBS and Paramount +

    I recently guest starred on The Equalizer (Season 2 episode 14) as Paulie Schinzel, an old friend of Harry Keshegian's (Adam Goldberg). Everyone was amazing and it just so happens that, yes, Adam Goldberg is a sweatheart and as funny in real life as you'd hope him to be. We could have riffed jokes back and forth forever. I could've at least. He woulda probably bailed on that.


    Now airing on CBS and Paramount +

    I play the liberal bashing alt-right political agitator Nathaniel Bain in Season 1, episode 10 of FBI. One of the days I worked on FBI was, to this day, the funnest day I've ever had on a set.

    (Ask me about it next time you see me😉)

    sneaky pete

    The Truth Is Always Changing...

    I play Tate in Season one of the Amazon series Sneaky Pete. Created and Executive Produced by Bryan Crantson, the show debuted on January 13th with the second-largest premiere day streaming audience of any Amazon original program to date. It scored a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and was renewed by the studio for a second season a mere six days after it's release. The all-star cast is led by Giovanni Ribisi, Margo Martindale, and Bryan Cranston himself. It's currently available for streaming on Amazon.


    The Final Season

    I co-starred in the finale of HBO's award winning series GIRLS. I had one hilarious scene with Lena. She wrote it. But it didn't make it into the episode. So you'll just have to take my word for it! I'll tell ya about it next time I see you. It's a good day when Lena Dunham looks you in the eye after working with you and tells you you're hilarious. It makes ya feel like you did your job.


    "Some things are unforgivable."

    I booked and shot an amaaaazing episode of The Blacklist playing a younger version of one of the series most famous Russian KGB agents Alexander Kirk. The scenes didn't end up making the final cut but there's more Blacklist on the horizon...

  • Recent Select Work

    ...and DJ Khaled interviewing Max in a hot tub...


    A trail of clues leads Agent Patterson to an underground speakeasy wherein she finds an important hidden message with a little help from the bar manager.


    Gordon Finley suffers from Alien Hand Syndrome, a rare side effect of his brain surgery.

    Me and DJ Khaled for T-Mobile

    Boom. It's in the hot tub. Directed by Neal Brennan

    If you didn't click the link up top, here it is again. It's here twice because we really want you to watch me on TV with Bryan Cranston.

  • On Stage

    The New York Times called my long running Off-Broadway show

    "A Little Bit of Heaven". I'd love you to see it.Click the button to find out why.

  • The 2022  Edinburgh Fringe Festival

    LINK → Brian Ferguson of The Scotsman called it "A Highlight of This Years Fringe"

    Daffodil Tramples the Fringe is the only talk show ever hosted by...a tortoise.


    In August 2022 Max and Daff, interviewed over 60 of their industry colleagues to talk about the state of the future of theatre, their favorite type of lettuce, and the meaning of life. Daffodil's guests were some of the most important Artists, Agents, Journalists, Theatre Producers, and Artistic & Executive Directors in the world. In no way was it completely absurd...

  • Audition Coaching

    Let's get it!