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    Now airing on CBS

    Catch Max as the liberal bashing alt-right political agitator Nathaniel Bain on episode 10 of the new CBS series FBI. Original air date: Tuesday December 11th 2018.

    sneaky pete

    The Truth Is Always Changing...

    Max plays Tate in Season one of the Amazon series Sneaky Pete. Created and Executive Produced by Bryan Crantson, the show debuted on January 13th with the second-largest premiere day streaming audience of any Amazon original program to date. It scored a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and was renewed by the studio for a second season a mere six days after it's release. The all-star cast is led by Giovanni Ribisi, Margo Martindale, and Bryan Cranston himself. It is currently available for streaming.


    The Final Season

    Max co-starred in the final season of HBO's award winning series GIRLS.


    "Some things are unforgivable."

    Max booked and shot an amaaaazing episode of The Blacklist playing a younger version of one of the series most famous Russian KGB agents Alexander Kirk. The scenes didn't end up making the final cut but there's more Blacklist on the horizon...



    Recent Select Work

    ...and DJ Khaled interviewing Max in a hot tub...


    A trail of clues leads Agent Patterson to an underground speakeasy wherein she finds an important hidden message with a little help from Max.


    Gordon Finley suffers from Alien Hand Syndrome, a rare side effect of his brain surgery.

    Max and DJ Khaled for T-Mobile

    Max goes toe to toe with DJ Khaled for T-Mobile. Boom. It's in the hot tub. Directed by Neal Brennan

    January 2017 Updated Reel

    If you didn't click the link up top here' it is again. It's here twice becasuse we really want you to watch Max on TV with Bryan Cranston.

  • On Stage

    The New York Times Called Max's long running Off-Broadway show

    "A Little Bit of Heaven". Click the button to find out why.